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Powerful Beyond Measures Apparel the inspirational lifestyle brand works to Motivate, Inspire, and Empower our consumers to be the light in the universe we are meant to be.  We work to be a constant reminder to the humans that wear our clothing that we are the  "Ultimate Being". 

PBM Apparel focuses on highlighting the parallel between the humans of Planet earth. We may all have a focused creed but most 8 Billion people on planet earth believe in a "higher power" constituting in their faction of faith. PBM Apparel brings people together in the name of greater cause to be a leader in the promotion of love for our fellow humans.


With the help of traditional spiritual stories and creative one of a kind designs. We are able to show off our strength and power when we are united together. Truly powerful apparel for your everyday wardrobe. A show to the world that you are powerful and unique!

PBM Apparel is committed to being a leader in communities all around the world. Every time you purchase merchandise, you help to provide much needed assistance to our displaced homeless community members. With strategic partnerships, persistent care, and unceasing donation collections. We hope to eventually be able to provide much needed permanent shelters first in most desperate communities.

Thank you for your support!

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